Every Bead and Pendant You See Below is Handmade by Yours Truly. Each Shape and Word CAN be Customized. I drill my own holes for unlimited designs, the only limit is your Imagination! *FOR CUSTOM PIECES-Items must sit to harden (cure) for several days before buffing and glazing, please allow 7-10 days before your item is shipped**

Custom Pieces Available: 

  •  Word-Diva 2.5 inch

Medium Teddy Bear 2.5 inch 

Mini Pistol 2.5 inch 

 Heart Earrings 2 inch

Small Lightning Bolt 1.5 inch 

Handmade Picture Pendants 

Barbie Mattel "B" 2 1/4 inch

 Medium Chanel CC Pendant 2 inch

Mini Lip Charms 1 inch

 Medium Hello Kitty 2.5 inch

Mini LV symbol 1 inch 

 Word-Boss 3 inch

 Lips with Rhinestone 2 inch

Word-Princess 3 inch

Mini Hello Kitty 1 inch

Open rose 2 inch

Double Pistol w/ heart 4 inch 

Chanel Charms and Pendants 1-1.5 inch

 Medium 3.5 inch/Small Lipstick 3 inch

Mini Lipsticks 1 inch

Word-Juicy 1.5 inch

Mini Skull Charms 1 inch 


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